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The Greek word for "empiricism" means the perception of the external world through the senses.
Filled with the urge to travel, we first of all want to find new emotions, knowledge and experiences.
And no matter the 'palace' we choose for our holiday, the most vivid impressions that remain will be those of how interesting and varied our holiday is organised.
So for our dear guests, we have selected the most exclusive offers for leisure activities. With us you can visit the most characteristic and amazing places in Greece and receive an unforgettable experience from the country of the ancient philosophers.
Greek empiricism with us – is to visit to the Acropolis in Athens and the monastic republic of Mount Athos, to sail round the Greek islands on a yacht and attend a concert in the ancient Odeon of Herodes, visit the Meteora Monasteries by helicopter and get to know the birthplace of the great philosopher, Aristotle of ancient Stagira.
We will be happy if you choose Villa Stavronikita as your outpost for your acquaintance with the amazing country of Greece!
And if you are already familiar with it, we will try to show you it from another bright and unexpected side!

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