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Guest house 1

The first guest house is the smallest with one floor. The main entrance leads to a large bright living room, which continues into the kitchen, in accordance with contemporary European style. The house has two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. One of the bedrooms has twin single beds, while in the other bedroom (the Master) there is a double bed, and an en suite bathroom. The room has access to a flourishing, well-kept garden. A stone wall creates a feeling of privacy and comfort while the greenery around the perimeter of the house, helps to feel at one with nature.

The interior has a unique style. Wooden floors and massive beams, instead of a traditional ceiling, remind of a summer holiday cottage and bright pieces of classical furniture give the interior originality. The house is sheltered in the shade of the trees, but the interior does not seem dark, owing to the prevailing use of white and the large windows and glass doors. The highlight of this house are the curtains, which originally served as a parachute.

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